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I am a creative. Add writer, designer, or collaborator to that word and you have described me. At some level, on any given day.

On a personal level I am a believer - in the planet and its people. I think life is meant to be 'savored, not endured,' people are decidedly complex yet inherently good, and that every living thing simply matters.

I write because there is so much to say about all of that. It's my fervent desire to open hearts and minds to possibility while exploring the duality of life. Through script or screen, content or copy. I'm all in.

I design to satisfy my need for space, shape, and color. I love the way things fit together - like pieces of a puzzle - and I thrive in worlds that allow for both tone and texture.  On the page or in the place.

Collaboration fuels me. Creating is often a solitary job, requiring deep reflection, contemplation, and a never-ending longing to engage my muse. Often times, we can be better together. Connection is key. I thrive there too.

So, whether it's visual or verbal, I am a storyteller. One who is captivated by the  weaving of words and visual media but most importantly understanding why it matters.

Becoming your creative partner means we do this together. If you're interested, let's get started. After all, everything starts with connection.


While an attempt has been made to communicate both the depth and breadth of my experience, this is but a small sample of both visual and verbal storytelling that has spanned a career decades in the making.  

“Julie’s work is highly polished and full of intriguing cinematic ideas. Her dialogue is natural, fresh and energetic.”

Diane Fine

Screenwriter, Adjunct Professor ODU

“Her vision, creativity, design and overall approach resulted in the creation of a world-class program the served our company well.”

Bob Widener

Custom Residential Builder

“She is committed to delivering what you need and always does so with kindness, creativity, generosity, and her signature personal touch. ”

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols

Author, Speaker, Scientist


Be Kind. Be Curious. Be Willing.

Uncommon thoughts to help you unthink the common life.


Studio Center. Demo Reel.

"a rich and nuanced voice delivering thoughtful and sensitive reads with warmth and emotion"