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A series of articles designed to highlight those using their voices for good joined by a sampling of scripts developed for a streaming platform.

Dan Eldon: The Journey is the Destination

Every so often an organization comes along that defies the norm, takes convention and shakes it by the shoulders. It stands up tall, reaching with an outstretched hand to uplift the people in its path and give resources to those who are called to give voice to the voiceless.

Jason Mraz: Four Pillars of Story

Music fills the room as the singer croons. The audience sings along. Word for word they belt the tunes. They feel this guy. Really feel him. And it’s no wonder.Jason Mraz, an award-winning, surf-loving, green-eating, solar- powering singer/songwriter has elevated his own life to a new level and is living it out loud.

Michael Capponi: One Man’s Journey to the Golden Age

In a world made up of opposites none is more apparent than the paradox of a man who lives with one foot in the world of nightclubs and multi-million dollar properties and the other deeply embedded in third world countries and spiritual retreats.

Leonardo DiCaprio: A Man of Many Masks

It’s hard to know whether Leonardo DiCaprio is swanky or simple. Maybe that’s just testament to his over-the-top ability to embody the characters he plays in the movies. From the conflicted to the tortured to the deeply driven romantic, DiCaprio possesses an intensely emotional acting style.

Dan Millman: Finding Balance One Moment at a Time

If you were to ask Dan Millman to define “peaceful warrior’ you would not find him at a loss for words. It’s a subject he knows all too well and one that has sustained him for over 30 years. Peaceful Warrior. A seeming oxymoron yet a symbol of grit and glory.

Dr. Wallace J Nichols: Teaching the World to Live Blue

Deep in the redwoods of central California, also known as the ‘Slow Coast,’ lives a marine biologist and ocean advocate who is teaching the world what it really means to ‘Live Blue.’ While inhabiting a space shared with mountain lions and bobcats isn’t something you would expect from a person in love with the ocean, this scientist, activist and all around communicator is not your typical ocean-loving guy.

Tom Shadyac: Telling A New Story

There is a new conversation occurring and funny man Tom Shadyac is, if not leading the pack, certainly up in the front, running with the wild dogs. It’s not an ordinary story…a fall from grace that meets with a second chance, becoming a hero’s journey of redemption.


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BEFORE CRAZY COMES |  Series, One Hour Drama

Before Crazy Comes follows a highly successful single woman on the verge of financial ruin and on the edge of DC politics. Her life is irrevocably changed when she stumbles into a web of women who force her into protecting more than herself, living closer to the edge than she ever imagined, and trying desperately not to fall in love.

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Copyright 2018 Julie Starke

GOING DEEPER |  Docu-Series

Renowned scientist and bestselling author Dr. Wallace J. Nichols explores the waters of the world and the deep nature of human experience as he travels the globe revealing ways in which water has illuminated the human brain, healed the human heart, and has given new meaning to life.