A multi-faceted leader with a deep background in creative development and visual communications, Julie brings a high level of expertise on both a corporate and creative level. Along with her varied knowledge of all forms of creative communication, she is easily able to identify people’s strengths and can comfortably cultivate them within any work environment.

Her background working with a wide variety of clients has enabled her to become quite adept at funneling complex information with a myriad of details into deliverable content and meaningful conclusions. Creativity and innovation lie at the center of each endeavor and she has succeeded in a fast paced, multi-leveled career, in part, due to deep organizational skills and the development of efficient systems.

Julie’s background contains strong leadership and management experience and she is very comfortable in a variety of settings. She is a master communicator, comfortable with the written word as well as the spoken, and has excelled in all manner of visual communications.


Communication extends far beyond what is said and seen. It starts energetically. It begins deep within the sensory state of being. As a master communicator I understand the psychology of communication – from body language, to mirroring, to energetically creating space while witnessing interactions and engagements. These skills have allowed me to excel as an adaptable leader in whatever environment I find myself.


Dynamic and effective verbal communication starts with one’s ability to first listen, then speak from a place of authenticity, clarity and self-awareness. As a speaker with decades of experience addressing diverse audiences on a wide range of subject matters, I am able to quickly adapt to any circumstance when called upon. My skills have been fine-tuned through experiences where I am story telling on stage, leading professional presentations, hosting podcasts, providing voice-over for commercial use, or simply leading a meeting or conversation.



Everyone has a story. A unique perspective on the world and a series of experiences that define who and what they are. The telling of that story shows up in a variety of ways and no person walks the planet without one. Ever. The ability to intepret these stories is at the heart of everything I do. Whether I am writing a personal narrative, feature article, press release, short story, or screenplay, I am able to offer a level of clarity and depth of narrative for a wide range of story telling options.


Communication is not only words spoken or written – it really begins with texture, tone and color. How we perceive ourselves, others, and the world around us should be reflected in this expression. As a graphic designer, web designer, stage producer, space or interior designer, I have fine-tuned my talents in creating and arranging visual elements that reflect the vision of my client from space, page, or screen. 


Collaborative – As an adaptable communicator I understand how the diversity of individuals, content, and context play a huge role in effective communication. My career includes deep partnerships that require me to be both a leader and an inspiring source of support. This extends through  creative as well as corporate environments and my deep understanding of human nature allows me to effectively collaborate on a multitude of platforms.

Henthorne, Founder

One Blue Ocean

One Blue Ocean is a huge undertaking and Julie was there every step of the way.  Countless hours in brainstorming sessions, design and redesign to bring the ever-so polished look and feel to this project.   I appreciate both her uber high standard of aesthetic as well as her ability to help craft the clear and precise messaging. We needed and use both every day as we move forward.  As I always say “you are either part of the problem or part of the solution”.  Julie is always part of the solution.

Josh Kellam, President

The Garcia Companies

“Whatever I ask for, Julie delivers. Since working with her, our company has moved solidly forward with a consistent brand and narrative identity. She has guided us on our internal organization, external communications, and handles a multitude of tasks for all of our diverse businesses. From events to visual production to media communications and beyond, she always performs with an unmatched eye for detail and creativity. Julie always adds value to the room and I am proud to have her as a creative partner and a friend.”

Zach Moore, Owner

Coastal Creative

“Julie is both a client of and a creative resource for Coastal Creative. As a client, she has written, created and helped produce a multitude of scripts for video production; and, as a creative resource, she has supported us in everything from script consulting to interior design. I look forward to our future endeavors and have no doubt that we will continue to explore all the opportunities possible between mutual creatives. “

Lizzi Larbalestier, Owner

Blue Health Coach

“An excellent communicator Julie arrives at any conversation with an energy that is fully present and attentive, warm and seeking to explore and help. She is an idea person and has been at the heart of some amazing and innovative projects not least bringing Blue Mind into a more collective consciousness. A queen of interpreting the zeitgeist and encouraging social and environmental conscience, Julie is observant, articulate and has a sharp sense of humour “

Chandra Stewart, Director

The Nature Conservancy

“Working with Julie to schedule and organize a keynote presentation with Jay was truly effortless – she makes everything easy and is always two steps ahead of requests. Beyond being highly organized, her passion for the “heart science” of conservation is obvious and further ignited our team’s curiosity for learning more.”

Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, Scientist

Author, Blue Mind

“While I don’t work for Julie and she doesn’t work for me, we do work together collaboratively and have done so for more than five years. She is as committed to figuring out and delivering what you need as well as to working to make our blue planet better as anyone you’ll meet. And she always does so with kindness, creativity, generosity and her signature personal touch.”

Jeneen Masih, Owner

JMM Consulting

“A passion driven leader who is highly adaptable and takes on leadership and creative roles. I have always been impressed by her professional performace and her continued coordination and content rich programming shows what a true talent she is.”

Shelli Hendricks, Owner

Blue Horizon Solutions

“Julie gets me. She took the time to understand my mission and helped me by translating it into a fresh, crisp, energized brand that I am proud to have represent my work. The response from my client network has exceeded my expectations!”

Kathy Lamm, CEO

Creative Director

I was looking to radically shift the dynamic of a podcast my organization had been producing since 2018Julie’s natural conversational interview style engaged her guests in thought provoking dialogue, dug deep into the subject matter at hand, and explored relevant like-minded, contemporary content that our audiences had been yearning for.

Jeff Ainslie, President

The Ainslie Group

“Our exhilarating and rejuvenating brainstorming sessions have always been a highlight in our relationship and no one has ever been as bright or creative as you.”

Bob Widener, President

Widener Corporation

“Her vision, creativity, design and overall approach resulted in the creation of a world-class program that served our company well for many years.”

Kirk Gray, CEO

Cornerstone Housing

“Ms. Starke is a very creative professional who listens and hears what her client has to say and transforms that into a product — whether it is a publication, corporate brochure, signage, or an event involving the highest levels of local, regional and federal government. ”


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