Communication extends far beyond what is said and seen. It starts energetically. It begins deep within the sensory state of being. As a master communicator I understand the psychology of communication – from body language, to mirroring, to energetically creating space while witnessing interactions and engagements. These skills have allowed me to excel as an adaptable leader in whatever environment I find myself.


Dynamic and effective verbal communication starts with one’s ability to first listen, then speak from a place of authenticity, clarity and self-awareness. As a speaker with decades of experience addressing diverse audiences on a wide range of subject matters, I am able to quickly adapt to any circumstance when called upon. My skills have been fine-tuned through experiences where I am story telling on stage, leading professional presentations, hosting podcasts, providing voice-over for commercial use, or simply leading a meeting or conversation.



Everyone has a story. A unique perspective on the world and a series of experiences that define who and what they are. The telling of that story shows up in a variety of ways and no person walks the planet without one. Ever. The ability to intepret these stories is at the heart of everything I do. Whether I am writing a personal narrative, feature article, press release, short story, or screenplay, I am able to offer a level of clarity and depth of narrative for a wide range of story telling options.


Communication is not only words spoken or written – it really begins with texture, tone and color. How we perceive ourselves, others, and the world around us should be reflected in this expression. As a graphic designer, web designer, stage producer, space or interior designer, I have fine-tuned my talents in creating and arranging visual elements that reflect the vision of my client from space, page, or screen. 

Collaborative – As an adaptable communicator I understand how the diversity of individuals, content and context play a huge role in effective communication. My career includes deep partnerships that require me to be both a leader and an inspiring source of support. This extends through  creative as well as corporate environments and my deep understanding of human nature allows me to effectively collaborate on a multitude of platforms.


Be Kind. Be Curious. Be Willing.

Uncommon thoughts to help you unthink the common life.


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"a rich and nuanced voice delivering thoughtful and sensitive reads with warmth and emotion"