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A decade long journey to connect people to water through multi-media platforms and events, this global movement has spanned the globe to communicate ‘water as medicine.’



Julie is the person I trust to speak on my behalf regarding decisions about Blue Mind speaking engagements and media projects. She has held many titles (manager, producer, designer, editor, communicator) but none of them suffice to describe our professional relationship.

-Dr. Wallace 'J' Nichols

We creatively managed and collaborated on a multitude of campaigns for a decade of innovative communication. Our brand design and ongoing development played a pivotal role in enhancing Blue Mind and helped others understand our commitment.

All brand development centered around the national bestseller, Blue Mind, The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do. 

This groundbreaking book inspired hundreds of multi-media appearances, international speaking engagements, thousands of creative ambassadors, and was the centerpiece of eight annual summits of the same name.  


We produced eight annual Blue Mind Summits designed to bring together a diverse audience of neuroscientists, psychologists, artists, writers, researchers and wild water lovers. These unique events were held in inspiring locations around the world and were designed to examine the cognitive, emotional, social, psychological, and spiritual benefits of healthy water.  

Blue Mind 1 |                    San Francisco, CA

California Academy of Sciences

Blue Mind 2 |                    Outer Banks, NC

Jennette’s Pier

Blue Mind 3 |                    Block Island, RI

Spring House Hotel

Blue Mind 4 |                    Cornwall, UK

Bedruthan Hotel and Spa

Blue Mind 5 |              Washington DC

Carnegie Institute

Blue Mind 6 |                    Pacific Grove, CA


Blue Mind 7 |                  Stevens Point, WI

UWSP Wisconsin Lakes

Blue Mind 8 |                    Miami, FL

Frost Science



Event programs, agendas, and other collateral material were a large part of our events. All were in keeping with the brand of the summit and designed for maximum impact for our audience.

-Julie Starke


The docu-series, Going Deeper, was created so we could lean into the growing industry of streaming media. Our idea included exciting footage of water from around the world and a multitude of characters, each of which possess their own water story. The docu-series was conceptualized and pitched to producers and industry leaders. We’re still waiting for the phone call but the idea and execution is hot!


Working to amplify the message of the National bestselling book Blue Mind, we strategically positioned Dr. Nichols to be a sought after speaker on an international platform. Hundreds of keynote presentations, panels, workshops and other interactive media opportunities were part of a wide portfolio of appearances. 


Whether hired for speaking engagements or to provide an in-depth study, we always deliver the utmost in  usable content that can be shared across multiple platforms. 

The research, content and development is a team process and we work with myriad members of the Blue Mind Collective to deliver an exceptional end product and produce an ongoing relationship with our corporate partners.

Along with the logo creation and creative development of The Live Blue Foundation, I am an advisory board member, continuing my commitment to the emotional benefits of healthy water.